work, play, love

work, play, love

[The truth about the not-so-balanced act of keeping up with family, sport, social work, and business in my life. Grab a coffee, this one is kinda long.]

If your’e new here - here’s the quick’n’dirty:

  • I am a full time mom (4) and bonus mom (2) to a total of 6 very active kids;

  • We’re moving outside of town (read: presently packing, moving and getting ready to be constantly shuttling kids to/from school and activities);

  • I am a full time front-line emergency crisis intervention and support worker;

  • My other half is away for work more days than he’s home (he’s a commercial filmmaker) - solo parenting is the norm around here;

  • We also own a film production company (into which we pour our hearts);

  • I am working on my Master’s (Trauma, Mental Health, Addictions);

  • I am an athlete. Running is my medicine.

I was raised in the Canadian rotational Foreign Service - an experience very similar to military life - with new postings every two to three years, new private schools, new friends, new sports teams (cross-country, track, and soccer).

Upon reflection, as a Third Culture Kid, I’d say I grew up with a very well refined/defined skill set when it comes to situational awareness; leadership and independence; and work ethic, resourcefulness, and adaptability. A senior bureaucrat recently referred to me as a “Warrior Poet” in his note of commendation about my innate ability to “get traction and move big rocks.”

BUT. Being able to do all things all the time and wanting or choosing to do all the things all the time are very different.

I acknowledge that I am broadly generalizing when I suggest that its the mamas doing the bulk of the work to keep the world turning (although there are loads of data that support this argument!); but with that bias in mind, here are my top ten tips for [working moms] doing all the things without losing your sh*# and/or blowing up your life:

1) Get organized. But don’t overbook yourself.

2) Do what makes life easy for you and the kids and know that it’s ok.

3) Celebrate your relationship, home life, and situation (it may look different from others’ but that’s also ok).

4) Have an emergency fund (and an emergency plan!).

5) Surround yourself with amazing, positive, genuine, and supportive people (shout out to my wellness accountability peeps!).

6) Communicate, communicate, communicate and stay connected with your spouse and the supports in your life.

7) Take things one day at time. Plan for the future, but show up today.

8) Take photos. Of everything. And tell people how you feel. Because life changes in an instant.

9) Invest in YOU. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Make self-care (run, anyone?!) a priority.


How do you stay sane? Drop your tips in the comments!

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