the 'dead' moments | being alive

the 'dead' moments | being alive

My guy is a Hugger. Capital H. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good embrace.

But he used to make me crazy because the spontaneous hugs would come at the most inopportune times - when I was scrambling to get the kids cleaned up, unpack the van after camping, and put dinner on the stove all at the same time. Or coming down the stairs with a huge armful of laundry. He would literally take the coffee out of my hand (the nerve!!), to steal a hug.

But I always obliged, stopped what I was doing, and went in for the hug. And I am SO glad that he never gave up on me (busy, busy worker bee) and these hug-terruptions.

I am fiercely aware of the importance of the time we have on this earth. Chalk it up to some life experience with a side of occupational hazard. Life changes in a flash and you don’t always get a do-over. As a result, I am hyper-aware of making the moments count. Ironically, I call these the “dead” moments - plainly put (and quite morbidly so), the things I’ll miss when this person is gone.

When I shared this with a beautiful, brilliant Doctor/Coach friend of mine with whom I’d been working all summer on the study of grounding and presence, she grinned so widely and said, “Oh, Maggie…only you! Those aren’t “dead” moments - that’s called BEING ALIVE!”

So there you have it! Get after it today and go steal a hug!

HUG FACTS // Did you know?

  • hugs can boost immunity

  • hugs can lower stress

  • hugs can increase your self-esteem

  • hugging promotes trust

  • hugging can reduce depression

  • hugging is critical for survival

  • hugging shows appreciation

Carnegie Mellon University, 2015.

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winter is coming | stay accountable!

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