Alcohol Abuse can now be controlled with Marijuana

Alcohol abuse is one of the common problems that face almost all communities around the world. The reason for this to become such a common problem is because of the social acceptance of this practice. Over a period of time, alcoholism has become a way of life and because of the addictive properties of this drink; it has also become common for alcohol abuse. In spite of the knowledge of the complications caused hazeby this condition, more and more people are taking to drinking at a young age. Different methods of de-addiction have been trued and only a handful of them have been successful. The problem with most of the de-addiction program is that they do not have an effective follow up. This means that a person who gives up drinking and stops alcohol abuse does not end up leading a normal life because they get addicted again to their drink.

One of the researchers who have done a lot of work in the role of marijuana in alcohol abuse is Amanda Reiman. Her research results have been published in the Harm Reduction Journal. The research that was done in the University of California-Berkeley has shown that the use of marijuana in the prevention of alcohol abuse and in the treatment of alcohol abuse is very effective.

Ways in which marijuana helps in controlling alcohol abuse

Reduces dependence on alcohol: The person who starts using marijuana is able to reduce the dependence on alcohol. The reason for this is that when a person starts using marijuana, the THC compound that is present in the medication interferes with the brain function. The ‘high’ that is provided by the alcohol is now provided by the marijuana. So, the person does not feel the need to use alcohol and instead is satisfied with the use of marijuana. Slowly the marijuana can also be stopped and thus the individual is able to overcome their dependence on alcohol.

2. black feminizedReduces withdrawal symptoms: Withdrawal symptoms occur when those who have been dependent on alcohol stops drinking it. Those can lead to several symptoms that cannot be easily controlled. The affected person may become aggressive, depressed and anxious. All these symptoms can effectively be countered with the use of medical marijuana. The regular use of marijuana in small doses will help in reducing the withdrawal symptoms and also completely help in overcoming this problem. The role of marijuana in getting rid of withdrawal symptoms has been a great help in reducing the dependence of addicted people on alcohol.

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Major research results about medical marijuana

skunk red hair weedMedical marijuana gets credit for being one of the most researched drugs in recent time. It is being researched in its pure form and it is also being researched as extracts from the pure form. Several research results have also been published in leading journals about the beneficial effects of this wonder drug. It is being considered as a wonder drug because for many years, it was shunned as being a substance that can cause addiction, but in recent times, a renewed interest has caused various funding agencies to try and find the various beneficial effects of medical marijuana.

Research results about medical marijuana:

1. Minimal side effects: This is a drug that does have side effects if high doses are given. When the dose is small, there are hardly any major side effects. All the side effects of medical marijuana are even safer than the side effects caused by common pain killers. Some common side effects that occur after prolonged use of this drug are dizziness, vomiting and anxiety. On the other hand, when small doses are given even for many months, there are no side effects caused by this medicine. This is actually a positive result that has come out of research. Lack of severe side effects actually means that medical marijuana can be safely used in the treatment of various diseases.

2. Benefits outweigh complications: Complications caused by the use of medical marijuana are very rare. On the other hand, the benefits of using this drug are very positive. This is making the drug more and more popular not only among users, but also among physicians. More clinicians are prescribing this drug to help their patients get relief from various symptoms that cannot be safely treated with other drugs. Though treatments are being given with other drugs for pain and muscle spasms, these drugs can lead to very severe complications. When medical marijuana is used, the benefits far outweigh the complications.

3. Newer diseases being treated: It is common knowledge that multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and arthritis can be treated with the use of medical marijuana. Current and recent research shows that this drug is being tried successfully on patients with other diseases. Treatment of these patients has also proved to be successful. Diseases like brain cancer and lupus have been successfully treated. It is being tried as treatment in other diseases too.

More research is needed to prove to skeptics that medical marijuana as a treatment option is here to stay. Research is likely to prove that regular and long term use of this drug will surely help patients to tide over difficult situations and provide an amazing cure.

Magical marijuana likely drug against brain cancer

Brain cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Any person dreads being diagnosed as afflicted with cancer. Once a person is diagnosed to be suffering from cancer, their first priority is to reduce the effects of the disease as quickly as possible. Brain cancer can have various serious complications. It can also spread rapidly to other parts of the body. So, it is imperative that the cancer cells in the brain are killed as soon as possible.

Medical marijuana and its effect on cancer cells:

1. Kills cancer cells: The cancer cells in the brain are killed when medical marijuana is consumed. The marijuana may be in the form of pills or it can also be inhaled. When the drug enters into the blood stream, it is carried to all parts of the body. When it reaches the cancer cells, the medical marijuana acts by entering into the cancer causing cells and makes them to self destruct. When the cancer cells in the brain kill themselves, the symptoms of the disease also disappear.

2. Prevents spread of disease: When the cancer causing cells are killed by medical marijuana, it helps in preventing the spread of the disease. Usually cancer causing cells thrive in the body at the expense of the normal cells. So, it is possible for these cells to travel easily to other parts of haze Magical marijuanathe body. Usually chemotherapy causes death of these cells and collateral damage is also present in other normal cells of the body. The advantage of using medical marijuana is that they are able to act only against the cancer causing cells.

3. Reduces symptoms and complications: Some of the common symptoms of brain cancer are reduced movement in various parts of the body, spasm of muscles, and pain in various parts of the body. Associated loss of function in the limbs can occur. Complications include rapid spread of the disease. When medical marijuana is used in the treatment of brain cancer, it helps in reducing all these symptoms.

4. Reduces side effects after chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can cause serious side effects. Some of the common effects include vomiting and nausea. The affected person may not feel like eating and there is loss of appetite. All these side effects that occur after chemotherapy are not present when medical marijuana is consumed.

Medical marijuana not only helps directly in the fight against brain cancer and its cure, but it also indirectly helps by reducing various side effects and symptoms. It is fast becoming one of the most popular treatments of brain cancer.